Repeating Learning Step

I seem to have come across a potential bug or just a mistake somewhere in my scheduling. Either way, I’ve shown it to a few people more knowledgeable than me and we haven’t been able to figure it out. My current scheduling is as follows:

Normal process for me is to hit again, then good 10 minutes later and move a card to the next day. All of the sudden, my next day cards have stopped graduating, creating things that look like this:

Has anyone seen this before? It does not appear to be affecting relearning cards. Thanks!

Still troubleshooting, but noticed that when I make new cards, the learning steps aren’t even consistent.
One may have options 10m, 12.1h, 1 day, 4 days and the next card has 10,12.1,1 day 6 days.

I’m going to fail out of school :frowning:

The inconsistency is coused by the Fuzz factor.

Regarding the 1 day interval, just continue to study, the interval should increase over the time.

Got it, didn’t know about fuzz factor.
While continuing to study/hitting easy should eventually fix the issue, I just don’t understand the mechanism making cards delay graduation. I don’t particularly want to see the same cards three days in a row.

Learning steps only receive a few minutes of fuzz at most, so that probably doesn’t explain it. If you altered the number of learning steps while cards were already in learning, that could result in one step being repeated multiple times.

These are all new cards though so nothing I can see that would create the inconsistencies compared to a deck that has history. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot further?

The other possibility is that you modified the cards on multiple devices before syncing - for example emptying or rebuilding a filtered deck on one device after reviewing the cards on another. That can result in the review history being synced, but the card being reverted to its earlier state - eg if you look at the card info, it may be due a day ago. To avoid that, please see

Thanks for the video. I’ve had that happen before with a card here or there, but this seems more systemic as I can create new cards with any number of learning steps and still reproduce the repetition of the last step before graduation.

I realized this morning that I misspoke and it also appears to be affecting lapses. Not sure if that provides any more insight:

I’m really lost on this one at this point.

In your screenshot you have the v3 scheduler enabled, but it appears to have since been turned off. I turned it on again and ran through your cards in your active deck. While I can see evidence of the problem you described in your learning history, all learning cards that day that had more than a 10 minute previous learning step had a Good of 2 days or more. If you hold off on making any further changes to your learning steps and are careful to sync twice, does the problem come back?

Would you recommend having v3 on? I didn’t have it on before this started and toggled it in my original troubleshooting before coming to the forums. I turned off v3 a few days ago and made my scheduling uniform across all decks/subdecks. That seems to have fixed the problem for all new decks that I am creating. The original repeats should go away with multiple graduations, which is of course a bit of a pain but helps me learn!

My plan going forward is to not touch any learning steps for a long time. I’ll be interested to see if the process presents again when I inevitably lapse on some of these cards.

Yes, I’d recommend having v3 on - v2 is no longer being actively developed, is slated for removal from the mobile clients in the not-too-distant future.

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