Learning Cards in V3 not graduating properly/receiving random intervals

As a quick disclaimer: I am in no way an Anki expert but have done a decent job over the past 4+ years familiarizing myself with Anki, I do understand (after a lot of reading) what fuzz is, I know how it applies in the V3 scheduler, and I’ve seen other people ask similar questions with answers that don’t seem to explain this issue. I only use my macbook and have never synced outside of it nor used any other device to do my anki on.

I recently began creating my own custom deck to study from with cards that I have been making myself. I have not changed any of my settings over this time period. They have been the same with the same intervals that applied to the other 30k+ cards I have on Anki, which you can see below. The only difference (and why I probably never noticed it) is that I wasn’t really doing new cards at the time V3 was released.

Regardless, Based off my steps a new card should come → I press good → card goes to the next step (1 day) → I see same card tomorrow → I press good (should be 3 days displayed on good) → Card now Graduates learning → I see card 3 days later → whatever fuzz other complex algorithms take over and learning continues

For lack of a better way to describe it, my learning cards are just completely all over the place. Some graduate on the second step with a 3 day interval. Some graduate on the second step with a 2 day interval. Some don’t even graduate on the second step.

Ex 1: Card should be leaving learning / 3 days for “Good” but its not

Ex 2: Proper graduation given

Ex 3: 4 days?

Ex 4: Anki just making me learn it again…?

I basically can go on with the rest of the 500+ cards in this deck that are like this, with not only completely inconsistent graduating intervals, but also just added extra days to learning without graduating the card, as you can see in the last picture above.

I tested this out with downgrading to 2.1.66 (thinking the latest version of anki could have been the issue) and still encountered the same problem. I then decided to disable V3 scheduling and go back to to V2, and the intervals consistently stayed at 3 days. Switching back to V3 → intervals messed up again. If this is explained as “Fuzz”, from everything I have read Fuzz does not apply to learning cards, and that “Learning cards are also given up to 5 minutes of extra delay so that they don’t always appear in the same order, but answer buttons won’t reflect that. It is not possible to turn this feature off.” And I dont think full 1 - 2 day random changes consist as small when you’re learning a card, considering thats 50-100% of the interval.

If its not fuzz, then there needs to be some other explanation for this, or at least some clear delineation in the V3 scheduler/Anki manual that you should expect this for both review and learning cards so that users dont spend hours thinking something is wrong. Thank you for taking your time to read this/help, whomever can!

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Yes, the overall thing you’re seeing here is fuzz factor. While it doesn’t apply to Learn cards, it does apply to graduating cards, including their Graduating and Easy intervals. The big change you’re adjusting to right now is that while fuzz has been there all along, under v3 it’s now showing on your grading buttons.

Ex. 1 – Graduating interval +/- fuzz, so 2 days is possible. You’ll be able to tell that’s what happened by looking at this card after grading it. If it has an Ease set, it graduated to Review.

Ex. 2 – No problem.

Ex. 3 – Same as Ex. 1, graduating interval +/- fuzz.

Ex. 4 – This is the only one that gives me pause. That definitely looks like it repeated your 2nd step. It sounds like you’ve ruled-out some of the common reasons for this – delayed syncing, changing learning steps – which can have quirky impacts on cards currently in Learn. However it also sounds like you were changing between Anki and scheduler versions while trying to troubleshoot.

It looks like that review was done much later than the others you were concerned about. So if this #4 card went through some of those version-changes on the 21st/22nd (while it was in Learn), that could also have an impact. Hopefully in light of 1, 2, and 3 not being issues, 4 might not seem quite as concerning to you.

The quirky-step/repeat-a-step issues that come up this way generally work themselves out smoothly when the card gets reviewed again. So that would be the next thing to look for. You’ve got screenshots, so you can check the Card Info for these examples (by cid, Searching - Anki Manual) again in a few days and make sure they are doing okay.


Thank you so much for clarifying. That makes a little more sense now. I’m hoping that last example is just a fluke and I won’t encounter it again. I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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