Why is Anki increasing my new card review intervals?

Out of nowhere, (not sure if there was some new update installed), my desktop Anki decided to apparently ignore my settings for when I want new cards to to show up next. I have it set to 2 days for “easy” and 1 day for graduating interval (see below), but it comes up as 4, 5 or even 6 days for easy depending on the card despite me reviewing cards in the same deck with the same settings for determining when I want to see them next. Can anyone help me figure out how to get it to say 2 days for Easy and 1 day for good? I can’t reduce the easy bonus any lower (already 1.31) so I’m not sure if that’s it. Thanks!

It’s probably this:



That was it! I just unchecked the v3 scheduler and that stupid auto-change to my scheduling got removed. Thanks so much!

Fuzz also operates in V2, the difference is that in v3 you see it reflected reflected in the buttons.

IMO, fuzz is actually a nice feature, to prevent the same cards being reviewed the same days, and the fact that you can see it in v3 is still better. :grinning: