Anki Changes The Interval I set

Hi all,

I am having a problem with anki scheduling. Anki schedules my cards with different intervals than I set.

This is my deck settings.

So when I see a new card and hit good, I see that card a day later. Next good should move the card 3 days later. Although I use only good while I do my reviews, interval changes for some cards. While the interval is 3 days for some cards, it is 4 days for the others.

So here is an example,

I unsuspended this card on 8th. Then I hit good and I saw the card on 9th. I hit good again, I should see this card 3 days later so on 12th, but anki moved that card to 13th. While I hit good for the second time for this card, it said 3 days on the button but the card is moved 4 days.

Although there is no difference between this card and the other. One has 4 days interval and the other has 3 days interval.

I don’t know why but anki works as if I had load balancer add on installed but I don’t have it. It seams like anki is trying to spread out my review on different days so that I don’t get a lot of review in one day but that’s not what I want, I would rather see them together in one day.

Is this just the way anki scheduling works? Is there a problem?

If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it.

I think I have found the reason.

Mods can delete the post if this is unnecessary.

Please click the magnifying glass and search for ‘Fuzz’. There are a few posts explaining it.
I would rather see them together in one day.

In this case, i’d:

  1. Uncheck the option “Bury related cards …”; and
  2. Download the add-on “Defuzz” and ( on some decks) cancel the Fuzz for the lower interval cards.
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