Anki interval scheduling is wrong

i’ve just gone through a bunch of new cards and now that i’m trying to review them, the intervals are all messed up. i used anki in sixth form so ik the intervals should be 10 mins, 1 day, 3 days, 4 days when you first review a card. i didn’t change the interval settings, even so, i clicked ‘restore defaults’ (many times) but the scheduling is still very wrong.

my exams are next week please someone help me figure this out

i’ve clicked on manage and apply to all subdecks but it didn’t work. i really don’t want to have to set all my cards to new.


^ examples of different scheduling intervals for a card that’s never been reviewed

Chances are the cards have been reviewed before: Due times after a break - Frequently Asked Questions

I have an other problem, I adde my card about 5 days ago, but I clicked at least 3 times on this card that it is easy, so I should see it after 4 days, I changed a little my settings, but I don’t known why I saw this card 2 times today…

You could try locating the card in the browse screen, then looking at the card info to confirm if the scheduling looks amiss.

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