Card scheduling is frozen

I’ve been using Anki for a year but never messed with settings until yesterday I decided to switch it up. I didn’t like the new settings so I returned them to default, and now the card intervals are frozen. No matter how many times I review the card it gives me the same time interval. I usually hit hard or good when I answer a card, and the time interval would change accordingly. But now it is stuck at 6 minutes.

I restarted Anki with adding disabled and the problem still occurred. I am guessing that my meddling with the settings caused everything to go crazy. I also made a new deck of cards to see if new ones were affected, or if it is just the existing cards. These cards seem to have the same problem as well.

I am so upset because I love my Anki and now it is acting up. I have exams coming up next week so I really want to fix this if I can.

Before (default settings):
Learning steps: 1m 10m
Graduating level: 1
Ease interval: 4

Relearning steps: 10m
Minimum interval: 1 ADVANCED:
max interval: 36500
Starting ease: 2.50
Easy bonus: 1.30
Interval modifier: 1
New interval: 0

After changing
NEW CARDS Learning steps: 10m 1d 3d 6d Graduating interval: 6 Easy interval:8

Relearning steps: 1m 10m 3d Minimum interval: 3d

Max interval:180 days

Starting ease: 2.50
Easy bonus: 1.40
Interval modifier: 1
New interval: 0

I actually took pictures of the settings before I changed them back to default so here they are

Strange results are to be expected when changing the learning steps while cards are in learning. These should dissolve as the cards graduate though, and new cards should not be affected. If you create a new deck with the same old learning cards however, that wouldn’t make a difference.
I’m not sure about this, but rating a card Again might also result in the new learning steps being applied properly.


Yep, Again should also do it.

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