Anki does't following Step & Intervals i have set. (Please Help i have exam coming please)

Anki does’t following Step & Intervals i have set it is "Either Increasing or Decreasing 1/2/3 days on cards randomly

Here is my anki settings

So when i press Easy on new card at same time Some will get 3 days interval some will get 4 days & some will get 5 days interval

Similarly when i press GOOD some get 1 day interval Some 2 day interval & some 3 days interval

This is messing up my scheduling I’ve Searched everywhere did not found any solution

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Quick workaround if you need to urgently review some cards (typically, since you have an exam): you can do a custom study to “bypass” the scheduler, and just bulk-review all the cards needed for the exam. This is practical only if you don’t have many cards and the exam is really close (some days / one or two weeks), but it may be helpful until a real solution is found.

This should partially explain your problem: