'Learning' cards shown ~12h too early? Is this 'fuzz'?

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I’ve been using Anki (Version ⁨2.1.38, 2.1 scheduler) for a few weeks now and am thoroughly enjoying the software. However, I’ve run into what seems to be a scheduling error - yesterday at around 11pm I did around 250 ‘new’ cards. My steps are set to 15, 1440, 4320 with graduation at 7d.

This morning at around 11am, I sat down to study and was surprised to find that most of the New cards I did yesterday for which I selected ‘Good (1d)’ were shown again - an interval of only ~12 hours. I’ve attached a screenshot of the ‘info’ tab for one of these cards here as an example:

I have explored the idea of ‘fuzz’ but thought this is unlikely to be the problem; from what I’ve read, ‘fuzz’ is only around 10-15% of the interval? Whereas this is a change from 24h to 12h (50%)?

Would be really grateful for some help :slight_smile:

As far as I know, fuzz is only applied to review cards. What you are seeing is explained here:

Anki treats small steps and steps that cross a day boundary differently. With small steps, the cards are shown as soon as the delay has passed, in preference to other waiting cards like reviews. This is done so that you can answer the card as closely to your requested delay as possible. In contrast, cards that cross a day boundary are scheduled on a per-day basis like reviews are. When you return to study the next day, the per-day learning cards will not be shown first, as that can make the first half of a review session frustratingly difficult. Instead, the cards will be shown after reviews are completed. They are included in the review count rather than the learning count, due to the way they are handled internally.


Edit: Highlighted the most important part.


Thanks for your response, and your explanation of fuzz! :slight_smile:

I’ve had a look at that section of the manual, and to me this only explains why cards spanning a day boundary are asked after reviews, not why the interval itself is decreased? I.e. shouldn’t they be shown after reviews, but still in 24 hours?

Now that I’ve said that, though, I think I’m starting to understand the point about ‘per day’ scheduling - does this mean that once the next ‘day’ starts after the ‘day boundary’, these cards (due in ‘1d’) will be shown at any point in the next calendar day as opposed to in 24 hours (because they spanned the day boundary?)

Sorry if I’m missing something basic!

Maybe I copied a bit too much, I’ve now highlighted the crucial part.
But you got it right: It means that those learning cards (just like review cards) become due on the scheduled day as soon as your set day boundary has passed.

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Ahh brilliant - thanks so much!

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“cards spanning a day boundary are asked after reviews,” not true

We have an option, as of late, to do per-day Learning steps Before or After the review cards
http://prntscr.com/y85bjm Preferences menu.

PS. To update the Manual ?

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Interesting - yeah I see what you mean!