Skipping learning steps

hey pleaseeee if anyone could tell me why my anki is skipping its learning steps and also even on the new card the easy interval shows 9 or 8 days even when I have set it on 6 days

Can you post a screenshoot of one of your cards’ history, with your deck options?

Regarding the easy interval:

yaa sure

here is the screenshot which shows easy interval of 8 days however my easy interval is set on 7days

and also this one wherein it is not adhering the prescribed steps .

This could explain the missing steps.

That seems to be the fuzz factor, please check the link in the previous post

Pardon for asking it again , i still don’t get how can fuzz factor be applied on the very new card I made , I implore you too please resolve this issue

my ease interval is on 7 days still it shows 5 days

Just to clarify, it seems you are experiencing two issues here:

A) Skipped steps in learning cards. It could be due to changing learning steps while cards are still in learning phase, in which case, the problem will disappear in a few days.

B) Easy button giving different intervals in learning cards. That’s normal behavior (fuzz factor), I’m afraid there’s nothing to resolve, it’s simply the way the program is designed.

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Ohh thank you for replying at least now i know the rational behind it , just a follow-up question to finish this off
Does fuzz factor applies on new cards , since the above photo ive attached is of new card

As far as I know, fuzz only applies to intervals, i.e. it only affects graduated cards (when you press “Easy” on a new or learning card, the card gets immediately graduated , that’s why fuzz applies also here).

I’d recommend taking a look here to get a better idea of the whole picture:

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man, you have clarified everything up until now, and I got the hang of how anki works, however, the problem of new cards showing different intervals on easy cards still persists, I’ve tried making new cards every time the easy interval shows 5 days however I’ve set it on 7 days

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