Deck options in a Mental Map

I’ve seen there’s some confusion between new users about some key concepts, like learning / relearning / review cards, learning / relearning steps, intervals, , ease, fuzz, deck options, how the program calculates the intervals, etc, etc…

Of course, the best place to learn how Anki works is the excelent manual and the FAQ, but sometimes, related info is somewhat dispersed in different sections, and getting “the big picture” can take some time (and many readings of the manual). I’ve tried to put the most relevant info about how Anki works (specially about how Deck Options, the algorithm and card types are related and work together) in mental map format, to try to make the process easier for new users. Hope it helps!


This is awesome! Should be helpful not only for new users and an excellent entry point for scheduling questions.


I like it!
Would you mind if I make a translated version based on it?
I would like to post it in Telegram group for Arabic Anki users (with attribution).


Thanks! Of course I don’t mind. If you prefer to translate / modify / correct the existing .mm file instead of creating the whole thing from the scracht, just let me know and I’ll send you the file.

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Yes, I prefer to edit the .mm file.

@dae Would be a pity if this image got buried in the forum. Maybe we could include this in the manual, or link to it?


Sounds good, could someone send through a PR on GitHub - ankitects/anki-manual: Anki's manual ?

I’ll send a PR with a few other 2.1.50 additions when the new version is ready, thanks!


Hi cqg,

I would like the mm file. I started making my own when i found yours. Did you add it to manual somewhere? Otherwise could you send it to me?

Yes, the link to this post was added to the manual.

Here’s the file, please feel free to improve it and post here the result. Thanks!

I liked this visual explanation!

If possible, please also create a mental map showing how the filtered decks work. The visual explanation would make it easy to identify, for example, in which situations the card will be removed from the deck (I think that the user needs to get it right a number of times, but I don’t know if it’s correct). I’m mostly interested in scheduler V2, as I make my reviews on Ankidroid.


Just in case you are unaware, Ankidroid supports scheduler v3 in the last alpha versions, and it works great.


It does indeed work great, but I just want to suggest that if someone taps the new button and gets prompted for Storage Migration, they probably should hit Postpone for now unless they want to test it, until this is fixed, or they may run into issues with syncing. My understanding is that the latest alpha is on a path for complying with Google’s new Play Store rules.

I think you can get a clean scoped storage install by installing one of the parallel builds, but I haven’t tried it for this issue myself.


Hi @cqg , in your map, when pressing “Hard” on a review card, the Old Interval is multiplied by Hard Interval, Ease value and Interval Modifier, is that right? Wouldn’t that make pressing “Hard” give a New Interval even greater than pressing “Good”?

Sorry if it’s indeed the logic here. I’m just reading relevant docs on Deck Options.

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You’re right, there’s a mistake in the map, ease don’t apply in that case. Thanks, I’ll correct it,.

Edit: done, and added this (I think there’s a small çmistake in the release notes, where it says “More than 2 learning steps” maybe it should say “2 or more learning steps”

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