Deck Options not applying to all decks

(I’m quite noob when it comes to the way anki operates, so bear with me a little XD)

I have two decks who share the same options group. On February 16 I re-installed Anki on my computer and after I synched it, Deck 2 of that options group hasn’t been working the same way as before. When it comes to reviewing(green) cards, everything is fine. However, when I reach a reviewing card that I had hit “Again”, the “good” interval now is WAY shorter than expected. The 1st deck in the options group is still working as expected. Here are some actions I took that had no effect:

  • Created a new options group with the same settings exclusive to Deck 2

  • Moved all the cards to a new deck with the original options group

  • Toggled the scheduler version on both Anki and Ankidroid. Tried both V2 and V3 (they’re using V2 now because there was an issue with the “hard” interval on Deck 2 when I used V3)

I don’t have backups from any dates before February 16.
All cards in both decks share the same card type and note type. There are no new cards in neither decks but from my test they seem to be working fine. Here’s a screenshot of what I mean:


Here are my settings for the options group they share:

01-new cards

Thank you all so much for your help. Let me know if any additional is required.

Anki: Version ⁨2.1.49 (dc80804a)⁩
AnkiDroid: Version 2.15.6

Your screenshots don’t show the default deck options screen of Anki 2.1.49. Could it be that you have an add-on enabled that affects deck options?

Thanks for replying. I have no add-ons installed. I just chose the option “Downgrade and Quit” on the “Switch Profile” section. I believe that’s how you can use the legacy scheduler on desktop? At least it’s saying that I should update to the new scheduler.

Right, using the legacy scheduler is another reason why the old screen would be shown.
Then maybe there’s nothing actually wrong with the options. Presumably, the card from your second screenshot had an interval of about 1.3 months before the lapse, compared to about 10 days for the card from the first one. Since you have set a new interval for lapses of 80%, it’s expected that the absolute new intervals will differ.
As a sidenote, Downgrade and Quit is only required if you want to switch back to an earlier release.

First, thank you for the simple explanations.

Actually the interval of the first one was basically the same as the interval of the second one before hitting “Again”. All my cards on both decks have intervals similar to the one shown. The issue is happening to every card on Deck 2.

Could you send a screenshot of the card info (I during review) for one of the problematic cards?

I’m sending info from both decks. I noticed every card from deck 1 follow the same pattern as the deck 1 samples just like cards from deck 2 are similar to the screenshots of deck 2. I have no idea why all the cards in deck 2 are marked as “relearn”, I’m pretty sure that’s not the case.

I can’t see anything unusual there. The cards from deck 2 just have shorter intervals to begin with, so the intervals after a lapse are too.
Relearn means that this card lapsed the last time you reviewed it. The card from the second screenshot is now a relearning card as well.


Well, not before February 16, but at this point I’ll just work with what I got and save me a headache lol.
Thank you SO much for your help, I wish you the best :smiley:

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Thanks, I hope you have a fun and productive time using Anki nonetheless!

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