Why does Anki showing up cards scheduled for tomorrow?

Hello everyone,

Anki is displaying the review and new cards scheduled for tomorrow on the same day I passed through them. It’s early. I’ve scheduled in the settings that the next day starts at 4 hours past midnight but it doesn’t work. How can this be changed?

  • Did it work properly before?
  • If you activate “Show remaining cards…” Option, is the counter working properly after pressing “Good”?
  • Are you running any add-on? I’m that case, have you tried deactivating it?
  • Can you post a screenshot of your deck options? Have you tried the default deck options?
  1. Yes, everything was ok until I’ve got a new deck and changed the settings specifically for that deck.
  2. The counter working properly after I’ve activated the appropriate option.
  3. Yes, there are a bunch of add-ons I use. However, after deactivation, the issue is not solved.
  4. The screenshot of the deck options is added to the message. No, I haven’t tried default options because I concern it may affect the deck and therefore alter the studying flow.


If it was working properly before you change the deck options, the problem should be related to the deck options, but there seems to be nothing wrong there. I would try anyway with the default options (it won’t affect your deck in any way)just in case, but I think the problem must be elsewhere. Don’t you remember changing anything else just before the problem started?

The fact that the card counter is working properly, but the main screen is not reflecting that changes is definitely weird, there must be something missing here.

On the other hand, are you sure you’ve deactivated all add-ons? I can see you still have at least free weekend add-on when you made the screenshots, I suppose you simply took the screenshots after reactivating it, right?

Does the problem affect just only one deck or all decks?

Do you also have the same problem in Ankiweb / Ankidroid / Ankimobile?

Have you tried deactivating “Bury related” option?

Finally, here are a few more options you can try:


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The problem has been solved by activating the “new timezone handling” option.


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