Desktop Anki (Windows) is showing me different card counts on home screen vs when I click on the deck

I’ve attached pictures, but I’m basically having trouble trying to figure out why I have scheduled cards but they are not showing up when I try to do those said scheduled cards. I have tried disabling and re-enabling my add-ons (in a separate picture) and tried setting all the new cards remaining in this deck to “due today”, but nothing seems to help.

I have a lot of Due Cards because I was dealing with a family emergency for 2 weeks, so I fell pretty far behind and I’m trying to catch up now.

The Issue I’m seeing:

My Deck Settings:

My Add-ons (already checked for updates):

I think that:

  • the number displayed in the main window = total number of due cards
  • the number you see after clicking on the deck = total number of due cards minus the buried siblings

If you go to the deck’s options and toggle “Bury review siblings until the next day” the two numbers should become the same

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That worked, thank you!