New and due cards not showing up

Hello everyone, I have a struggle with scheduling. I am not exactly sure why, but after I updated anki, wether new cards nor due cards show up properly.

I tried a lot:

  • reset my scheduling limits in “options” and renewed them for each deck
  • exported the decks, deleted them, downloaded them again
  • returned to the old anki programme (now using 2.1.26)

It is really weird. Now instead of having my due and new cards showing up every morning, I have to write into custom study how many I want to do each day, but that is something which bugs me a lot!

So this is what it looks like in the morning.

Example for Spanish Deck

So I have no new cards showing up. Custom study -> 5 new cards more today

Same thing for the 3. Semester. Ive added 5 review cards over custom study and now I have 50 showing up. So 45 Ive put in my settings to review and 5 Ive just added.

Can someone pls help me fix this bug and manage to make my due cards and new ones show up as they are due…

You should check the daily limits you have set on the child decks as well as the parent.