New cards not being scheduled

Hi everyone, something is off about my deck and I would appreciate some help debugging what exactly is going on. First, my deck:

(I’m writing this as multiple posts because Discourse only lets new users add one media item per post…)

I’ve noticed that new cards are added at position 8533 (not sure if it’s always that exact number but it is always in the 8000s). (Aside: I’m also not sure why the card preview is showing a different card than I have selected.)

This causes new cards to not be scheduled automatically! Every time I add new cards I have to select them and reposition them at start position 0.

Possibly related: when I navigate to my math subdeck, it says I have 0 new cards:

However, by browsing I can see that there are new cards.

That’s all for now, I’d appreciate any ideas on why this is happening.

Note: I’ve also referenced these other posts but they don’t seem to be the same issue.

The new# defines the order new cards will appear in. Each new card you add will be one greater than the previous due number, so that cards that are added first are seen first.

If the congratulations screen says there are more new cards but custom study shows 0 that sounds like a bug. Can you reproduce it using the latest Anki version?

I upgraded, so now I’m using the latest Anki 2.1.33. This is what I see today after studying:

Again, Custom Study says there are 0 new cards. I’m not sure whether this is expected behavior or not – it seems it might be expected of cloze cards?

Did you confirm you updated by checking the about screen? Your last sync was with an older Anki version.

The () around the new time may indicate the cards are buried - but at least on recent Anki versions, they would also be coloured.