Anki is not letting me study any new cards

I am studying a Jacksparrow anki deck for MCAT, and I have set the “new cards/day” settings for the overall deck to 70 and each sub-deck to 10 or 20. But yesterday, anki did not give me any new cards, so I changed the preferences to 3 hours after midnight and 4 hours after midnight and it still did not give me my new cards for yesterday. It is giving me my reviews though, which I had set at 80. I was hoping it would work today, but I still am not able to study my new cards. When I click “custom study”, it won’t let me increase my new cards from 0, but will let me increase the reviews. I restored my settings to default but it is still not giving me my new cards. I want to fix it so I can study my new cards, I cannot afford to miss out on studying my anki :frowning:

Please see

I did check that link and read the information about “new cards” but it doesn’t help in my case. should I be looking somewhere else on the page?

probably a dumb question, but are you sure you still have new cards?
or maybe you have suspended new cards and have forgotten to unsuspend them? (it’s common to do among people who study large decks)

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to check that you can add the filter is:new in the browser.

I only burrowed one card. Is it possible to suspend all the new cards? I highly doubt I finished studying the deck. I just started a few days ago.

Its possible to suspend all cards.
Search is:new in browser, if it finds nothing, it means that you don’t have new cards anymore. If it finds cards and they’re yellow, then you have suspended your new cards and you need to unsuspend them

How do I unsuspend cards? When I search “is:new” on the browser, I don’t find any cards from this deck, but I am certain I did not finish learning all the cards.

You can unsuspend cards by selecting them in the browser, right-clicking, and clicking Toggle Suspend (you can also use ctrl+j).

if it is not yellow, does that mean it is not suspended? I did find a card from the jacksparrow deck (the deck I’m having trouble with) when I searched “is:new” on browser. But it’s not yellow. When I right clicked on the card and hit “toggle suspend” it turned yellow. Wouldn’t that be suspending the card? Also, this means that there are still new jacksparrow cards. But they’re just not coming up for some reason. Also, since it’s not yellow, then that means it’s not suspended. So I’m trying to know what the problem is.

Yeah. Yellow means it’s suspended.

Since browser search turned up no new cards from your deck, I suggest making sure if you really have not already studied all of them as mmdj2 suggested . Maybe open the deck in the browser and see how many cards there are?

No sorry I was mistaken there were new cards, as I mentioned in a previous reply when I said I did find a card from the jacksparrow deck.

I just checked again, there are a lotttt of cards for the tag “jacksparrow” when I search “is:new”, and none of them are yellow.

Could you try the search string deck:parentDeck is:new (where parentDeck is the name of your parent deck) and report if this gives you any results?

When I typed that in browser (I typed in “deck:Jacksparrow is:new”) it said “invalid search - please check for typing mistakes”

But when I typed in : “deck:Jack Sparrow Deck” “is:new”
I just got nothing

You should type the string without (“ ”) quotes.

when i type it without quotation marks i get the invalid message. I put space between “deck” and “is”,

Yes, there is a space between deck and is.

deck:jacksparrow is:new

The above should not give any error.

If your deck name has spaces in it you would use something like:

deck:"Jack Sparrow Deck" is:new

Note the double (") quotes around the name.

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