Scheduling on one deck messed up despite no changes

I’m sorry if this topic’s been brought up a million times, but no matter how many posts I check, I can’t seem to understand what happened to one deck’s scheduler (all others work fine - see pic). :sweat_smile:

I didn’t change any setting at all and all of a sudden I see much wider time ranges for cards I’ve never studied before! (for “Easy” 3.5 months instead of 3-4 days).

What’s weird is that the Options are absolutely identical for all decks, but just one deck is behaving weirdly and only since today. I also tried playing around with the study option settings, but that made things worse so I reverted to the original settings.

I use Anki on both my Mac and my iPhone and the behaviour is identical in both, of course.

What would you suggest? :pray:

Please see Due times after a break - Frequently Asked Questions

Hi Dae, thanks for the link, but I never took a break from Anki so I’m not sure how this relates to my issue?

If you have the daily review limit set too low, you may have cards waiting that were due on previous days. You can check for a backlog by looking at the future due graph and looking for cards that are due on days below 0 (today).

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