Deck Options Not Working

Hey. I was using Anki last night and changed my deck options while reviewing which eventually let to messed up intervals. I then restored to a backup before I made this mistake. However, the options of my parent deck are not working for either the parent deck nor the subdecks. When I changed the subdecks from anything other than default it messes up reviewing in the parent deck.
These are my settings in the option group for the deck:

However, these are the intervals when I go to review:
This is the same for other parent decks with these settings even though I have made different option groups for the other decks.
Would appreciate any way I can fix this

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Just to add to this, my intervals before on new cards were 15m again, 15m good and then 1d good 15minutes after hitting good once and 90 days for easy. Now after some further efforts to fix it and reinstalling anki it is 15m again, 1d good, 90 days easy. It seems to be instantly putting a card to 1d for good?

With respect, your screenshot looks really ancient :slight_smile:

Anyway, the intervals in the screenshot are for New Cards.

AFAIK, the intervals for Review cards depend on the Interval Modifier and the Starting Ease. These are in the Advanced section of the current Anki options panel.