Card Intervals do not change no matter how many times I do them!

I am in medical school and they advised us to change our Anki settings/learning steps to 5m 30m 1d 3d which has worked for me. But last week, I reset my cards since they were all different and messed up. Since doing this, whenever I unsuspend a deck and do it, even if I hit Good (30 minutes) 20 times, I am still getting Good (30 minutes). It will not update to Good (1 day or 3 days). I am having to do the same cards all day everyday.

I hope this makes sense. Does anyone have any advice?

Do you use FSRS? FSRS does not support learning intervals >=1day

When FSRS is enabled, the learning and re-learning steps should be chosen in such a way that all the learning steps can be completed on the same day. This means that steps longer than or equal to 1 day should not be used.

The reason is that FSRS can determine more optimal intervals but the use of longer (re)learning steps doesn’t allow FSRS to schedule the reviews, making the scheduling less optimal. In addition, if longer steps are used, there can be cases where the “Hard” interval exceeds the “Good” interval.

Secondly, the use of multiple short (re)learning steps is also discouraged. This is because research shows that same-day reviews have a negligible impact on long-term memory.

tiviskan is right, FSRS doesn’t like learning steps that long – but the negative outcome you would expect by breaking that rule should be “suboptimal intervals,” not “no cards can advance ever.” :sweat_smile:

What did you do to “reset my cards”? I want to make sure we understand where they started from.

Are you using Filtered decks?
Do you have any scheduling-related add-ons running?
What are the rest of your Deck Options set to?
Please also post the Card Info (Statistics - Anki Manual) for some of these cards that seem to be stuck at 30 min.

Are you sure you’re using “Good”? It sounds more like you’re using “Hard”, which repeats the current learning step.

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