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I have trouble with my relearning steps in anki. When I press “again” on a graduaded card I se the following options the next time I se the card:
(again 15 min, hard 23 min, good 13 days).

I want it to go back to start (good=2 days) when a card is pressed “hard”. I’m using FSRS, but before that my “relearning steps” was set to 15min and my “new interval” to 0,00 (wich means it should go back to start??). The “new interval” is not an option on FSRS.

Here are mye settings:

Can someone please help me make the relearning intervals more suitable (something like again=15 min, hard = 1d, good = 2d would be good).


With FSRS, all of your learning and relearing steps should be less than 1 day – otherwise they are fighting against the algorithm. (This includes that 2d learning step you have set – and that’s why it has a warning below it.) I know why you want them – it’s because you don’t trust the algorithm yet. But it’s the algorithm’s job to take over after the learning steps on the first day and schedule the next intervals.

How long have you been using FSRS? Have you look at your retention rates to see how it’s performing for you? I see that you optimized your parameters – how long ago was that? Have you run “Evaluate” on them to see how they are fitting your memory curve?

Intervals in FSRS are longer than in the SM-2 algorithm, but I’m here from the future to tell you that it’s pretty great to have your workload cut in half and still have the same high rate of retention. Until you’re ready to trust it – I can suggest a couple of approaches –

  • Turn off the intervals being displayed on the buttons, so you can grade your answers honestly, and without fear. If FSRS isn’t working right, you’ll be able to see that in your stats, and you can come up with a new plan.
  • Use your desired retention to get the intervals you are hoping for, and then adjust gradually to the longer intervals.

[I can give more details about either of those if you’re interested.]

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