Cards are shown at the same interval all the time in learning phase though marked good

despite i set new card options steps to 3 15 1440 1440 7200 minutes when i hit the good button i see the cards three minutes interval all the time .it should show the cards in 3 15 1440 minutes but i see it in 3 minutes all the time .

what may the problem be ?

can anyone help

If you had one card in your deck, what intervals would you expect to see for that one card?

If you had a few hundred cards in your deck, what intervals would you expect to see for these cards ?

If you changed the steps while cards were already in learning, you may get strange results until the cards leave learning.

perhaps this is something that should get addressed? or at least maybe have a warning that this will happen so that people can avoid this?

showing 3 minutes (an “again” interval) for the “good” button should probably not happen under any circumstances.

i am currently in this situation and it seems that i will have to watch closely for the “problematic” cards and manually mark them as “easy” since it seems the only way to make them graduate.

You don’t need to monitor them closely - once they are answered once they will get back on track. Anki could make adjustments automatically when you edit the options, but it wouldn’t fully solve this, as cards with other steps could come in via a sync.

well, for steps 30m 1d 3d 7d i have been getting Again: 30m, Hard: 30m, Good: 30m after answering 3 several times…

Can you reproduce that after enabling the v3 scheduler? The 2021 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions