Problem with Steps and Intervals

I have my steps set to 20 1440 and my intervals set to 3 and 4 days. When I see a new card for the first time and i click “good” it sends it to the next day. But when I see that same card the next day, it says that if I click “good” on it again then it will come back again the next day (whereas I want it to come back in 3 days). How can I make it come back in 3 days when I click good on a card that I am seeing for only the second day. Thanks so much!

Edit: I missed that you’d already set your graduating interval to 3 days - I would expect it to work in that case. Did you already have cards in learning when you adjusted the learning steps? If you’re still experiencing the problem, can you point me to a card in your collection that exhibits the problem?