Learning Steps not working

My learning steps are as follows 1m 10m 20m 1d. I want the next step after the 10m for good to then take 20m but for whatever reason the steps remain 1m 10m for the actual cards. If I understand correctly the intervals I type are the “steps” meaning my again should be 1m, my first good should be 10 minutes, my second should be 20 minutes, and my last should graduate the card because my graduating interval is 1d. How do I rectify this situation please help!

I’d have to see the Card Info – Statistics - Anki Manual – for this card to tell you for sure what is happening, so if you can post that, I’ll take a look.

But the most likely reasons why it appear the steps aren’t working are some combination of –

  1. A different preset is controlling this review – are you checking the deck the cards are actually in, or the parent deck you are clicking to study?
  2. Fuzz factor – Studying - Anki Manual
  3. You’re studying late in the day, close to your next-day-starts time – Preferences - Anki Manual
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