Review of graduated card registering but not affecting scheduling

I answered some graduated cards yesterday that all had intervals of greater than one day, but I’m seeing them again on the same day as if I hadn’t answered them yesterday at all, but the review from yesterday still shows up in the card information. I’ve been working out of filtered decks but one of my filters is always “is:due” + I’m certain I had the reschedule cards option ticked because once I was done, I had no cards due in the main deck, and furthermore this is only happening to graduated cards not learning cards.
Eg. (I have my day to start at 8AM so 4AM would be “yesterday”)

I sync between the iOS version (latest) & windows (2.1.44). I do not have v3 scheduler enabled on iOS. I did just turn off legacy timezone handling on both devices though - could that have been causing problems like this?

When you make changes to a card on more than one device and sync, Anki will keep the version that was modified most recently. What probably happened here is you reviewed the card on one device, then inadvertently modified it on another device (eg by moving it into or out of a filtered deck). When you subsequently sync, the more recent modification takes precedence, and the card gets reverted to its previous review state. This can be avoided by always syncing at the start and end of a session: Syncing in Anki: Getting Started - YouTube