My Anki due cards skipped a day, How do I fix?

I review my cards on a daily basis, However the cards due for today are no longer due and I have 0 to review, why could this be ?

The “Studied 279 cards” seems to be implying you already reviewed them?

That was from yesterday, the screenshots from 1am today, and it hasn’t updated, it was basically stuck in yesterday.

1:00 AM may still count as yesterday, depending on your preferences. I don’t have my computer in front of me, but I can suggest you look in Anki’s preferences for an option that asks what time you want Anki to consider the start of the new day.

This option is described (link below) in the manual under the heading “Next day starts at”. Note that the default is 4AM, so if you were studying late at night (or very early in the morning), this may be your issue.


Yes, I think this is the problem, I tend to study early in the morning, hence why I will be changing the new day time. Thank you !

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