My "new day" is not starting?

It has been two days and my “new day” on anki still has not started. Meaning I still have zero reviews (i did them all) for two days and it is not starting a new day. I have tried to change the “new day starts at” multiple times. I have tried to sync my cards as well. I am not sure what is going on. It is not updating the new day on any of my devices, on AnkiWeb, nor desktop and not even on ankidroid.

It would be really cool if someone could guide me on this. Thank you!

Your cards, possibly, aren’t available for review yet. When you review a card, its interval increases, that means you won’t see it for a few days.

  1. Go to “Browse”.
  2. Find the cards you used to see.
  3. Right-click on one of them.
  4. Select “Info”.

“Due” says the next time the card will be available for review again.