Review/due cards disappeared

I have settings to get 45 new cards a day, and to review all of my previous cards. Today when I tried to log on, it said I have 0 new cards and 0 cards to review. It is as if it thinks it is yesterday? It is doing this on the phone app and my mac desktop. I have tried everything to reset it, confirm the time zone, upgrade to the new anki, restart my computer, and I can’t find anything on this forum to help. and I have no idea what to do. help please!

Try the following:

  • Click on a deck from the list
  • Click on Browse
  • Sort the list of cards by “Due”, ascending. In other words, the soonest Due cards will be at the top.

New cards and Learning cards should be at the top.

How many cards are due today ?


The time a new day starts can be configured in the preferences screen. It should be 4am by default.