Anki has reduced my review cards that are due today from 199 to 15 (not due to burying)

Hi all,

As of today I my reviews have gone from 199 to 15 after syncing my iPhone app, which is definitely wrong, and I’m not really sure how this has happened. (This wasn’t during reviewing cards, I hadn’t even started using them yet).

I’ve just re-installed the latest version of Anki, and checked my deck study options (which I haven’t changed for months anyway).

I can see that the number of cards due in Browse is 199 - but I’m still only seeing a total of 15??

Version ⁨2.1.65 (aa9a734f)⁩
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.5.0 PyQt 6.5.0

I’ve also tried opening Anki + shift, and all add-ons disabled - no luck there either.

Could you let me know the deck you’re trying to study, so I can check your AnkiWeb collection?

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Hi Dae, thank you for your message. It’s now the next day, and I’ve just checked Anki and it’s magically righted itself. Yesterday I really wasn’t sure what was happening still.

I was studying AnKing + some personal decks which were affected, whilst another deck was unaffected.

Please check your preferences>review>scheduling section, and make sure legacy timezone handling is off, and ‘next day starts at’ is set to a time you’re asleep, like 4(am).

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