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While I was reviewing my cards in a single deck today, I clicked “sync” with 103 cards left to review for the day. After the sync processed, the number of reviews left decreased to 63 instantly.

I checks the # of cards I had reviewed for the day in the “statistics” tab (266 cards), and I remembered that there were ~380 cards due for the day at the beginning of my session. That means I’m missing at least 51 reviews that were initially scheduled after clicking sync (266 + 63 = 329; should have 114 left for the day).

I immediately checked ankiweb, and the amount due matched what the Anki desktop app was reporting. Same on my iOS version. I had not used the mobile version in between syncs. I turned off all add-ons, with no change. I do not use any admins that are supposed the affect scheduling.

I have been unable to reproduce the issue.

Figured I probably would not be able to get an exact answer on why this occurred given the lack of reproducibility, but any tips on how to avoid sync issues like this in the future would be very appreciated! Just scared of losing a ton of progress, or even worse my collection.

Thanks for any help provided!!

There were probably some buried cards in there too, check out Studying - Anki Manual.

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I gotcha, so you could see a substantial drop like that after a sync and it be normal behavior? Familiar with the buried concept, but didn’t know how it impacts the “due” cards number we see.

Yes. The due number really just shows the number of cards that are currently due, not the expected amount of reviews you’re going to do, because that depends on more factors than just the due cards.

In your case, you probably didn’t sync before you started reviewing.

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It’s normal for the count to jump down in the v2 scheduler, as when cards are buried, the counts are not decreased immediately. This has been addressed in the new scheduler: The 2021 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

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