Reviews lost after syncing deck with 130% ease with AnkiWeb


I think I’ve encountered an extremely similar issue. I hadn’t synced for the last three days, but did so after completing my reviews today on desktop. Now it shows that all the cards from the last three days are due after sync on Desktop, AnkiWeb and AnkiDroid. Let me know if I can be of help.


I see now that this is more likely the cause for my issue.

Your issue was likely caused by having your deck options set to 130% ease. I have made a tweak to AnkiWeb which should stop that from causing reviews to be lost, and you can use the following in the debug console to reschedule recent cards to the correct due dates as indicated by their review history.

for cid in mw.col.find_cards("rated:4"):
  card = mw.col.getCard(cid)
  ivl = mw.col.db.scalar("select ivl from revlog where cid = ? order by id desc",
  if card.queue == 2 and ivl != card.ivl:
    card.ivl = ivl
    card.due = + ivl

rated:4 should cover cards reviewed in the last 3 days - adjust as necessary. And please create a backup with File>Export before trying this.

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It seems like the script helped out a lot with the scheduling, thank you! However I have one more side effect I’d like to report. I’d also be grateful if you could help me with this as well.

To be frank, I am not quite sure of the technical jargon, so pardon the crude explanation. But I’ve noticed that review intervals are messed up after showing the answer and completing a review. It seems that for every card, the “Hard” option is always much closer to what the review interval should be in my recollection (i.e. the interval for clicking “Hard” aligns closely to what I think “Good” would have previously). Meanwhile, the interval for clicking the “Good” option seems longer than it should be (e.g. Clicking “Good” on a card I got wrong yesterday sets the interval to 5 days, rather than 1-2).

If I could get away with just clicking “Hard” on every card, I guess that would be fine, but I’m not really sure if that would have any effects on future intervals. Do you mind giving some advice?


Also, just to confirm your suspicions. My decks were at 130% ease :slight_smile:

The upgrade process will have reset the ease of those cards, so you’ll either need to adjust it back to 131%, or change your interval multiplier.

You can modify the code above to add ‘card.factor = 1310’ to change the ease of those cards.

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