Reviews sync inconsistency?

Wondering if someone might be able to help see where I’m going wrong with this process and why the filtered filtered deck might be having an issue. I typically use Anki on two different devices, my laptop and my desktop. This past Saturday I did ~970 reviews, studying from a filtered deck that took all cards that were due on Saturday and up to two days before (as seen in the video entitled “How to Miss a Day” by the Anking on Youtube). As I said, I did about 970 reviews or so, and the heatmap add-on I have reflects this. However, I forgot to sync and close out Anki on Saturday when I finished. I then did not do any reviews on Sunday and then opened up and synced Anki on my laptop this morning (Monday) with Anki still open on my desktop. I rebuilt the filtered deck showing all cards due today (Monday) as well as up to two days previous, and the deck showed over 1500 cards due in the last couple days. I checked the stats of the deck that the filtered deck pulls from and in the “Future Due” bar graph, it showed 721 cards due two days ago (Saturday). However, those cards should have been completed on Saturday with my ~970 reviews. This graph also shows that 369 cards were due yesterday (Sunday) and 479 are due today (Monday). Accounting for having to relearn some of the cards from Saturday’s reviews, that means today that there should theoretically be roughly 800-900 reviews due today, not over 1500.

Maybe I’m looking at this wrong or misunderstanding, but I’m wondering if opening up my laptop and syncing Anki without syncing my desktop Anki messed up the filtered deck? Does anyone know what might be happening or how I might be able to go about fixing this?

It sounds like you may have forgotten to sync after studying. If you then rebuild a filtered deck on a different device, it will mark those cards as modified, and they’ll end up clobbering your reviews when you next sync.

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