Due counts decreased after sync

Hi, I also face the same problem after I yesterday synced my devices the review number for my decks has decreased, I chose “force a one-way sync” from references and uploaded my info to ankiweb, can you plz help me how can I fix the issue of decreased reviews? I’m so worried about my reviews being lost. I read the sections but it didn’t help.
could you help if you have solved it. any help is appreciated

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You don’t appear to have burying enabled, so it’s not the same issue as the previous post. Please include screenshots that demonstrate the problem you’re having, and describe the steps you’re taking in more detail. Did you force a one way sync to try to fix the problem, or are you saying that the difference was visible after a full sync? Are you performing these steps using the computer version, or AnkiDroid?

I checked the burying is not enabled yes.

Here is the detail of what did yesterday:
I did force one way full sync yesterday to fix the “Ankiweb and AnkiDesktop decks differ and can’t be merged” issue because I changed something in a deck in my desktop. I chose “upload to ankiweb” option in my desktop and “dowloand from ankiweb” in my phone (AnkiDroid). after the sync there was no issue in the number of reviews it was all the same as it was before the sync but the midnight of yesterday when I checked the new cards and reviews I spotted the number to be decreased. So to summarize answers your questions:

  1. yes I force a one way sync to fix another problem(Ankiweb and AnkiDesktop decks differ and can’t be merged) not the problem with decreased reviews.
  2. The diffrence was visible the other day when the cards renewed not right after I did the sync
    3.I performed it using desktop and then downloaded from ankiweb via my phone. so main device is desktop yeah.

Below I attach a screenshot of one my deck’s reviews which was +200 yesterday and it’s 55 today. I wish I has a screenshot of yestday to show the difference in comparison.

Also the burying options section’s secreenshot is attached below.

Please try disabling the legacy timezone option in the preferences screen, then syncing to your other devices.

I tried this one now, currently, there’s no change in the number of due cards. it’s the same.

That change may have altered the time of day when new cards/reviews become available. If things are still out of sync, please force another one way sync and confirm everything matches again, then see what happens when midnight comes around.

Thank you for your suggestion. Currently, I get due cards regularly without any issue around midnight and it’s synced with my other device as well. The only problem that exists yet is that I lost my previous progress, not with the current due cards. so if I force a one-way sync again are there any chances of me losing my progress again? and will it help to bring the lost reviews back?

If you forced a one way sync when your two devices were not in sync, then I’m afraid you’ll have overwritten data, and repeating the process will not bring the changes back. If things are working correctly for you now, there is no need to force a one-way sync again.

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Thank you for your help, I got the point.