Required reviews all say 0

The Sync process is now failing for me.

After a year+ of use, ankiweb is unusable. After starting the iOS app, each and all of my decks display two zeros. Previously there were numbers displaying the number of reviews required for each deck.

I suspect something has gone wrong with with the cloud version of the data. Both on my iPhone and ipad the decks are still present.

I’ve read the manual to see if there is any action I can take, without success.

The only recent system change I can recall taking is that I changed the “day starts” value at Review…scheduling… day starts. I can’t see how that might cause the problem.

I suspect I might need to do a one way sync from my iPhone to the cloud version. Would that be a good idea?

I badly need to get this working as I use the app to help improvements in memory.

Many thanks in advance.

If the counts on your local device do not match AnkiWeb, you can force a one way sync in the preferences and upload to AnkiWeb (if you believe your local device is the correct one).

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