Forced to update to v2, Anki app reviews do not match up Anki Mac


So after updating since V1 is retiring, My new and review card counts are completely abnormal between clients. My mac is fine and has no change, it currently shows 70 and 50 reviews for two large decks. However on my anki app there is now 600 and 300 reviews for these decks. I have tried to force sinc, recreate database, and unclick the glitchy time zones button. However on my app it says I have 600 reviews added for one deck and 300 for another. On my mac its completely fine but I mostly use anki iphone app because it lets me get exercise as I study.

Is there any help anyone can give me please?

This might be relevant: AnkiApp is not part of the Anki ecosystem - Frequently Asked Questions

If not, and you’re confident you’re using the same AnkiWeb account on both devices, try ‘Check Database’, and ‘Full Sync’ (under ‘syncing’). If that doesn’t help, you may want to delete the profile on your phone and sync from scratch. Backing up first is prudent.

Could you let me know your AnkiWeb ID on the private helpdesk so I can check your collection/account for any obvious issues? Support - AnkiMobile Manual is the email. There seems to be a problem with my desktop version as well. While there is 600 cards in this deck on my phone. When I try to the do the desktop cards and I get close to 0, it starts going into the negatives and then more cards are added again. It seems that the desktop edition is potentially also wanting me to do 600 cards just giving it to me slowly.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do, I have an important medical school exam and the previous v1 scheduler was perfect for me.

You don’t appear to have an AnkiWeb account with that email address. Please check in the preferences>syncing screen; it should show you the email address you’re using if you’re logged in to AnkiWeb.

Thats strange because it says under preferences → network that email shows up. Right next to it it says deauthorize?

If you had automatic syncing disabled and renamed/deleted the account at one point, that screen would continue to show you as logged in. Manually syncing will either update the email address, or tell you that your password is incorrectly and require you to log in again.