Issues with Ankiweb syncing


I recently had issues with my phone which caused it to be wiped clean and so my anki app got deleted. When I re-downloaded the app and signed into my account, I find that the number of reviews and new cards on the app does not match what is on my desktop anki. I tried to sync it multiple times and force a one way sync so that the desktop version gets uploaded to ankiweb, but then I was surprised to find that even the ankiweb does not match the desktop version (it matches what is showing up on the phone app). However, I want both (anki app and ankiweb) to match the desktop because that is the one with the latest edits I have made. Can someone please help me asap because I am scared I would lose all my progress.

Thanks in advance!

Please update to the v3 scheduler as prompted by AnkiWeb or AnkiMobile, or enable it in the preferences screen of the computer version, and you should then find all clients match. Alternatively, you can download the latest 23.10 computer version.

When I turned on the V3 schedule on the desktop anki, all my review and new cards disappeared but not the learning cards.

If you open the deck options and adjust your reviews/day limit above 1, it should fix the problem.

My reviews/day is already above 1 and the V3 scheduler still makes the reviews and new cards to disappear, unfortunately.

You’ve adjusted it, but you’ve told Anki to show you a maximum of 300 cards/day, and your learning cards exceed that. The best course of action would be to clear out your backlog before you introduce any more new cards (e.g. by further increasing your limit or whittling it down over a few days), but if you want to introduce new cards anyway, you can enable the “new cards ignore review limit” in the deck options.

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