[Anki web] New cards are not displayed anymore

Since the latest batch of versions these past last weeks I noticed tha tthe web version does not display nor propose at all the new cards.

Everything is alright on the android app.

You’ll either need to increase your review limit to get through your backlog, or adjust your deck limits to ignore it (but better to get through the backlog if you can).

This is not the issue :slight_smile:

On android there are new cards to review. Just none on the web version for the same decks. And both are fully in sync.

You’ve presumably enabled the v3 scheduler through the web interface, which will restrict learning cards when you have a backlog of reviews to do.

Ho ?

I did enable the v3 scheduler I think.

Which menu/option would allow to bypass that ? Not sure to get it.

And why would the behavior be different on both platforms?

Click Limits on the web interface.


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