Syncing difficulties

Hi so I’m having an issue with my anki desktop review numbers matching with my phone app review numbers.

I’ve tried doing a one way sync from both my phone and laptop and cannot seem to get either one to match the other. When I upload my desktop version to ankiweb and then download that version onto my phone, the numbers still seem not to match.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with the fact that I used the postpone cards add-on, but I would assume that the updated timings would typically transfer to the phone from the computer.

When I use the version from my phone (which has a higher card count than the computer version) and upload it to ankiweb and then download that version onto my desktop, once I get down to 0 reviews, the number will keep going down into the negatives (-1, -2, etc.)

Please help me

This is very likely due to the fact that the two versions of Anki you are syncing between use different schedulers. Unfortunately, AnkiDroid does not support yet the scheduler v3, so I would suggest using the scheduler v2. However, you’re not forced to, as I think they are compatible, in the sense that it won’t cause issues using the v2 scheduler on one device, and the v3 scheduler on the other (besides a slight discrepancy in the number of daily reviews that may happen sometimes, as you are currently experiencing — which has no real effect, besides you being able to review more than one of the schedulers planned you to).

So I’m still using the V2 scheduler on my laptop which I believe should line up with the iphone scheduler…not super sure what the discrepancy could be then

If you’re using AnkiMobile (Anki for iPhone), then there should be no problem in using the scheduler v3.

Besides, have you updated both Anki apps?

the phone app is completely updated. i dont really keep the computer one updated consistently but it’s never given me issues before. could it be something to do with using the rescheduling addon?

Just update the desktop version too, unless you have a specific reason not to do so. In general, you can’t just not update your software “because it keeps working as is”: updates are important.

oh sorry - the app itself is updated. i dont have the most recent version of the scheduler or of my deck on there though

So you have the v2 scheduler on desktop, and the v3 scheduler on mobile? Maybe you should just switch to v3 on desktop too, then.

no i have the V2 scheduler on both!

Ah (I definitively did not understand a thing :stuck_out_tongue:). Well, then I guess the faulty party might be the add-on. Not too sure about what can be done, though, besides contacting the author…

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You appear to still be on Anki 2.1.30, which is quite old. The way the deck list counts are calculated changed in a later release. If you update to the latest Anki version, you should find the counts correctly match AnkiMobile.