Syncing issue between AnkiWeb and Mac

I’ve synced my anki desktop to ankiweb but the numbers aren’t the same. I’ve logged out and double checked that it’s the same account. I’ve forced sync one way from my desktop to ankiweb. It says sync has been completed but ankiweb still shows the wrong number of cards due.

Check if your Mac is using v3 schedule (2.1.45+)
in pc you can check in preferences > scheduling

Because the v3 scheduler uses a different approach to gathering and sorting cards, a v2 and v3 client may show a different number of due cards on a given day. While this will not cause scheduling problems, please bear it in mind if you’re switching back and forth.
The 2021 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

How do the counts differ?

I think I’m having the same issue with Anki 2.1.57 on Mac and AnkiDroid 2.16alpha92. Looking at a random card, both clients will agree on the due date, until somewhere between 9 and 11pm in my timezone. At that time, AnkiDroid will shift all due dates back one day. All other dates will remain agreed upon. During this time, if I sync from AnkiDroid, then refresh AnkiWeb immediately, AnkiWeb agrees with AnkiDroid, however, upon another refresh, AnkiWeb will go to agreeing with Mac Anki. I have legacy timezone handling off on Mac, and new timezone handling enabled on AnkiDroid. Any combination of these two settings does not seem to resolve the issue. I have the V3 scheduler disabled for both clients. The new day option is set to 4 hours past midnight for both clients.

This is a bug in alpha92, and reverting to 91 should fix it for now. The issue was fixed fairly quickly, but it looks due to the holiday period, the fix hasn’t made it into a new alpha yet.

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