PC and Android Due Cards Won't Sync

I have a language deck I used to have absolutely no problems with. I haveAnki on my Macbook at home, my PC at work, and my Android. I hadn’t studied in a while so I had a huge backlog, so I updated the app, then did 100 cards on my Mac. Then the next day I went to work, and saw it was back up to 800. I assumed this was because I hadn’t updated, so I updated it and did 100 more on my phone.

The NEXT day, I opened Anki on my Mac and it was back up to 800 cards again, and so was my phone. Annoyed, I just did 200 that day and hoped it would be synced today. But here I am today with my phone at 600 and my PC still at 800 due. I have synced many times, I’ve exported the deck from my phone and imported it on my PC, I’ve done multiple One-Way Syncs, but it REFUSES to change. Please someone help

If you have the legacy timezone setting enabled, disabling it may help.