Anki-droid Card due don't match with Anki-desktop


The cards that i have to go through for a specific deck don’t match between Anki-droid with those of Anki-Desktop. Pictures have been attached for your reference.

My Anki-desktop is right, so how can fix my anki-droid ???

I have this exact same problem and was about to ask a new question. Let’s hope it is something that we can easily fix.

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Hard to say, there’s probably a sync conflict.
But at first glance, your AnkiDroid is not synced upstream to the server, and your desktop is not synced downstream. At least only looking at the screenshots.

Edit: I just saw that you wrote that your desktop is correct. In that case it’s most likely a conflict. Login to with your credentials to see the actual state on the server for your cards, then do a forced full sync in any direction needed.


I’m also having this problem. The Anki web interface and the desktop app match each other perfectly, but the android app does not correctly display what cards are due for review. I’ve tried force syncing the app “in one direction” (downloading from AnkiWeb), but this doesn’t work. I’ve also tried logging out and logging back in. Deleting and reinstalling the app does not work either. Any tips?

Tools > Check Database has worked for me before.


Anki Desktop: Tools - Preferences - Scheduling - Disable "Legacy Timezone Handling"

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I built my first deck on Desktop recently (I already had experience with using pre-built decks on AnkiDroid, but this is my first time building a deck, as well as my first time using Desktop). I’ve been studying for a bit on desktop, but when I tried to sync it with mobile, I found that some things sync wrong. Namely:

  1. the new cards for the day never change. right now I have 17 new cards on desktop, but 20 (the daily new card limit) on mobile

    (as you can see, the lapsed cards seem to be syncing properly)
  2. the due dates are also not syncing properly. Here, for example, Desktop says the due date is 08/04, but Mobile says it’s due on 08/05. This “mobile is 1 day behind” phenomenom applies to every card btw

    I already tried everything I could think of, from forcing sync, to checking database, reinstalling everything, etc. but nothing seems to be working. What could possibly be going on?

@Floppy_ear_friend please see above

@David do you know why this is happening? If both clients are using the legacy timezone handling, I’d expect them to agree on the date. If the legacy codepath is using Java code that doesn’t match the desktop behaviour, maybe this could be resolved by using the backend to compute the legacy case as well?

Thank you, the legacy timezone handling helped it a little, but now my desktop is showing 25 review cards while my phone shows 20. I’m not sure which cards are off right now. do you know what could be happening?

Does AnkiWeb agree with what the desktop is showing? If so, and forcing a full download in AnkiDroid does not resolve the issue, that seems to indicate AnkiDroid is doing something inconsistent with the other clients.

Thanks for the ping. Will look into it tomorrow.

We’ve still got a very small number of clients that can’t link with the Rust (likely due to manufacturing issues), but I’ll audit the Java and see if I can find where we mismatch the legacy timezone code (I’ll assume the problem is on our side).

@Floppy_ear_friend @Awais_chaudhry @Darkstalker @greyrecluse

What timezeone are you in?

@David PKT (Pakistan Standard Time)

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Hi guys, I don’t know if you found a solution, I had the same problem. I was in the US and came back to my country so the time zones along my devices were different, which caused me the same problem. So, please make sure that your time zones are the same

Thank you David, this solution worked for me on the latest version of AnkiWeb / Desktop + AnkiDroid