Mismatch in due dates between Anki Apps / Desktop

I woke up to the time change this morning (Germany changed to wintertime this morning) and everything is fine on my AnkiDroid app.

However, on my Linux Desktop - all cards have a due date one day earlier.

I have resynced, I have studied on my Android and synced, I have forced an upload from AnkiDroid and resynced, and nothing changes this.

I set the “next day starts” to a later hour on the desktop, and then things line up (apparently because the desktop no longer expects me to study tomorrow’s cards today) … but then, when I sync again, this needs to be changed back on Android.

I have the latest AnkiDroid. I have the latest Linux desktop version of Anki. The desktop version is showing the wrong dates. It’s the same synced set of decks, but the due dates on the two devices show up differently.

This should be fixed by https://faqs.ankiweb.net/timezone-handling-changes.html, but as mentioned on that page, AnkiDroid does not currently support this change.

Yes - this does fix my laptop scheduling, but it breaks the scheduling on AnkiDroid. Ugh.

You may be able to work around it for now by shifting the “next day starts at” setting forward or backward a few hours. If you’re having trouble syncing it, you can force a full sync in the preferences.

Thanks - good idea. I’ll give it a try. Does anyone know if the AnkiDroid developer plans to implement this?