# of anki due cards different across different devices

My anki web, iPhone, and iPad anki apps all show the same number of due cards for one of my decks, but this number is different from that shown in my Mac anki. I am pretty sure that the number in my mac anki is the correct one. What happened was that initially the due ankis were the same across all the devices, and then i hit sync on all devices. After that, only the mac showed the right number of due ankis and additional syncing did not equalize the due cards across devices. the other decks seem to have no issues. to be more specific, all my devices save for my Mac are saying i have finished for today and have zero cards left to review, while my Mac is saying 50 cards left to review.

If you look at one of the due cards on your computer and check the Card Info in the Browse screen, what do you see? If you search for the same card on one of your mobile devices and check the info on that, how does it differ?

I actually just moved all my cards to another deck and then synced and it seemed to fix the problem…thank you anyway and sorry to bother!!

I’m having this same issue. For some reason, I think my Anki mobile is not burying my related new cards and reviews, even though the option is selected in my deck’s settings. So my Mac app shows no cards due, but my iOS mobile apps show cards due that are supposed to be buried because I already saw related cards today

Please update to the latest computer version, then force a full upload from the device that has the state you want. If problems persist after that, could you create a new post about it?

so sorry this is late!
I will do so asap and let you know what happens.
Thank you,

Hi there, I’ve solve the problem by unchecking the legacy time zone on Anki Desktop. Go to Tools > Preferences > Scheduling > Untick “Legacy timezone”
Hope it helps.