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Discrepancy between Mobile and Desktop Due cards

Since about March I have had a growing discrepancy in the number of cards that are due on my mobile versus desktop Anki versions. For example, right now I have 685 cards due in my AnKing deck on desktop, but 1680 cards due in my AnKing deck on my mobile app (both iphone and ipad reflect this).

When completing cards on my desktop, I will begin getting a negative value in my due card number as I complete cards. Sporadically, it will refresh internally and begin reflecting a positive value. This repeats until I complete the number of cards that is reflected on the mobile version.

Any help would be much appreciated. I have deleted and reinstalled the desktop version a few times now to no avail. Let me know what other information would be helpful and I will supply it.

Are both computer and mobile versions up to date? If you view the decks on AnkiWeb, which platform matches AnkiWeb?

Desktop 2.1.40
Mobile is up to date 2.0.80

Can you reproduce the issue after updating to a more recent computer version? And if so, which client matches AnkiWeb?

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Issue seems to be fixed after updating! Thank you! :grinning: