Anki Mobile not syncing with Anki Desktop

Hello! I’ve noticed over the past day that my progress on Anki Desktop isn’t tracking with Anki Mobile. For example, one of my decks has 141 new cards on Desktop, but no matter how many times I sync on either the desktop or the app or force one-way changes (including forcing an upload to AnkiWeb from the desktop and then forcing a download from AnkiWeb on mobile), the app still shows that I have 150+ new cards in that deck. It’s not a huge discrepancy, but I’m very confused as to why these numbers won’t match up anymore. I previously didn’t have the v3 scheduler on, but I just turned it on for both desktop and mobile to see if it would make any difference, and it didn’t. I also don’t have the legacy scheduler on for either device. I’m also not getting any error messages on either end, so for all intents and purposes both devices seem to think they’re doing the right thing, lol.


I’d expect an upload + download to have resolved that. Do AnkiWeb’s counts match the desktop or mobile? Please let me know your AnkiWeb email on Log in / FAQs - AnkiMobile (iPhone/iPad) Support, so I can look up your collection.

So I’m really dumb and didn’t see that Anki Mobile groups “learning” cards with reviews. :clown_face: the numbers are correct, I just need to practice my basic math skills. Thanks so much for your help!

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