Anki Mobile Does Not Sync With My Computer


I recently downloaded anki on my phone and ensured I synced everything between my computer and phone. However, no matter how many times I hit sync, my computer and phone never have the same data for the amount of cards I need to do etc. Does anyone know why this may be happening? I know for certain I have the latest version of Anki, so I don’t think this could be the case.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Both of your devices appear to have synced yesterday. How exactly do the two devices differ after syncing?

Hello Dae,

Thank you for getting with me on this.

So lets say I did 100 cards on my computer. When I click syn on my phone, it would not show that 100 cards were done, so I am having to do them again.

Many times, after I make a deck, it won’t show the new deck until days after. I just wanted to understand why this was happening both for cards completed and new decks added.

Thank you!



If you’ve made changes on your computer, you need to sync your computer first, and then sync your mobile. Please see


So if I reveiw 100 cards, I have to click sync on my computer every time?

Is there no way to automate the process so that it automatically is syncing between the two?

I will watch the youtube video and let you know if my problem is solved. Thank you



As shown in the video, you need to either close desktop Anki, or click on sync after you’ve finished a session.

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