Issue syncing across platforms


Ive been using the anki app on my mac for about a year now and decided to get the app. I used ankiweb to create an acct then downloaded anki mobile and started using my iphone. Ive been using my phone now for a couple of weeks while away from my computer and tried to sync my computer to my app today. The computer says i have 1800 cards due while my phone that ive been recently using says i have 800 due. I tried checking anki web and it also says i have 1800 due. It also says i haven’t done any studying in weeks. Ive tried syncing several times on my mac and it indicates to me that it is up to date yet the numbers are still different. In other words, anki on my mac and ankiweb are identical indicating 1800 cards due while ankimobile on my iPhone indicates i have 800 due.

Ive tried updating the anki app on my computer and connecting to different wifi networks.

I really dont want to have to redo the cards ive done this past week so if someone could help me id really appreciate it.

Thank you!

AnkiMobile does not sync automatically, so you need to tap on sync at the start and end of each session, as shown here: Syncing in Anki: Getting Started - YouTube

Your mobile device was last synced about 2 weeks ago, so any changes you’ve made on either device since then will not be reflected on the other device. If you sync your mobile, then your desktop, the counts should match.