Anki Web Sync Problem

When I try to sync my anki cards to anki web it does not sync properly even though it says that it has fully synced and on the anki web it shows that I have more due cards than it shows on my laptop in anki app. I wanted to sync because I have just downloaded the mobile app and cant sync the cards to my phone. I have updated my anki to the latest version and have made all the necessary updates. Please help I have very important exams coming up

Are you sure the counts are different? AnkiMobile combines the learning count and due counts into one number in the deck list, which may have caused you to think they are different.

On the anki web and app it shows that I have 3000 green cards this is the number of due cards right? And on my laptop it shows that I have 1000 cards in the due section

Provided your Anki is up to date, the counts should be the same on each of your devices + AnkiWeb. If you believe your laptop has the correct values, please force a one-way sync in the preferences screen, then sync your laptop and choose Upload. Does that result in AnkiWeb matching the laptop? If so, please sync your phone and choose Download.

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