State on AnkiWeb not the same as Anki Desktop

My Anki Mobile isn’t syncing with my Anki Desktop, even after pressing sync multiple times on both mobile and desktop. Mobile seems to be behind desktop (in terms of cards studied and such). I went on Anki Web and saw that it was the same as Mobile, but don’t know how to fix this issue. Essentially, can’t use Anki Mobile. Any suggested fixes?

Check if your Anki and Ankimobile are up-to-date, currently: 23.12.1

Anki migrated v2 to v3 scheduler which could show some discrepancies

Try Tools → check database as well

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Both mobile and desktop are 23.12.1, but I tried tools + check database and the syncing seems to be working now. Thank you so much for the help! Will update the thread if the issue re-appears.

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