AnkiWeb, AnkiMobile and Anki desktop cannot sync

After a long time of using a fake Anki, I created an account on AnkiWeb (browser) and downloaded the desktop app. I also purchased AnkiMobile, and set it all up through one email and one profile. AnkiWeb and AnkiMobile appear to be synced totally fine (I can download and add shared decks on each and between the two) but the desktop app cannot and does not sync to AnkiMobile or AnkiWeb. It appears to just function by itself and is not connected to any other Anki parts. I have tried importing my own .txt files that I typed out of my old flashcards off the fake Anki (as there’s no way to export those) but they only appear on desktop Anki. I cannot get them to sync onto my mobile. I am trying to avoid adding 2,000+ manually one by one. I appreciate any guidance! TIA

You appear to have deleted your AnkiWeb account, so if you’re still trying to accomplish this, creating a new account will be the first step. Please follow the steps shown in the following video. If you get stuck, please let us know where.


Yes I deleted my account and started from scratch, and was successful! Thank you.