Sync from macbook computer to ipad/iphone

I create cards and decks on my laptop, but have a problem syncing to ipad/iphone. First few times I synced it worked fine, but now when I press sync on my device, it basically says there is nothing new to sync even though I have added new cards and decks.

Thanks for the help

Is this still happening?

Could be because you tried to instantly sync in both devices, wait 1-5min after the first sync

That does not sound like a message from AnkiMobile. Are you sure you are using AnkiMobile on your device rather than one of the similarly named imposters? (See here: AnkiApp is not part of the Anki ecosystem - Frequently Asked Questions)


It is still happening, even if I sync both devices separately. I am using anki mobile, it says 0 things to import or export which I interpret as “nothing new to sync”.

“0 things to import or export” is not a message that AnkiMobile shows - are you paraphrasing? When you tap on the sync button in the bottom right of AnkiMobile, a window pops up with “added: … removed: …”.

You appear to have an AnkiWeb account, and have synced AnkiMobile recently, but have not synced the computer version in a week - so if you have made any changes on the computer since then, they won’t be visible. You’ll need to either close the program to trigger an automatic sync, on click on Sync, as shown in this intro video: Syncing in Anki: Getting Started - YouTube

Thanks, it works now.
I didn’t realise you had to press sync on the computer first. I thought you only press sync from other devices looking to download the cards from the computer onto them.

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